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fot. Thomas GoeteMailElisabeth in brief…

To paraphrase George Gershwin’s masterpiece, one could describe Ela as “A French Woman in Warsaw”. However, it’s impossible to summarize this young woman with only a few short words.
Elisabeth was born in France but has strong polish roots and her personality combines the best of these two cultures – French elegance and rationality merged with Polish passion and a love for the natural way of life. Incompatible, you ask? Absolutely not and “Ela” is the living proof of that…
The reason she came to Poland, or rather returned to her background, is quite simple: she wanted to play on stage! She loves a challenge and, after four years of hard work, she graduated from the Polish National School of Cinema in Łódź. She graduated with the best results in her class and became the first ever foreigner to graduate this faculty.
The Polish audience adored her temperament and good humour from the very first moment she burst onto Polish TV screens in 2003 in a program called Europa da się lubić (Europe can be liked), The program aimed to familiarise Poles with the traditions, habits and lifestyles of their European neighbours, prior to Poland’s accession to the EU. It was a huge success and quickly became one of Poland’s favourite programs. As France’s ambassador in the program, Elisabeth captivated the viewers’ attention with her charisma and her knowledge of the qualities and weaknesses of both of her homelands. Elisabeth’s humour, spontaneity and friendly approach ensured that the audience fell in love with her and France itself.
Thanks to her presence in the mass media, Poles were able to learn more about the French language and the tastes of French cuisine. She also demonstrated the futility of judging a book by its cover and showed how some stereotypes can be destroyed with a simple smile.
Or a simple dance… because Elisabeth also took part in the 7th season of the TV show Dancing with the Stars (Stricly Come Dancing), which beat viewing records on a weekly basis.
Today, Elisabeth’s life is linked primarily with the theatre and cinema.