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fot. ANNA MARCHLEWSKAMailElisabeth in brief…

To paraphrase George Gershwin’s masterpiece, one could describe Ela as “A French Woman in Warsaw”. However, it’s impossible to summarize this young woman with only a few short words.
Elisabeth was born in France but has strong polish roots and her personality combines the best of these two cultures – French elegance and rationality merged with Polish passion and a love for the natural way of life. Incompatible, you ask? Absolutely not and “Ela” is the living proof of that…
The reason she came to Poland, or rather returned to her background, is quite simple: she wanted to play on stage! She loves a challenge and, after four years of hard work, she graduated from the Polish National School of Cinema in Łódź. She graduated with the best results in her class and became the first ever foreigner to graduate this faculty.

Then, she played in dozen of shorts and long feature films with roles of amazing ladies, like Cosima Wagner or Marie Curie (“In the footsteps of Marie Curie”, directed by Krzysztof Rogulski). In 2014 she got the award of the Best Supporting Role in Poland for Magda Janczyk in “Run Boy Run”. Last year, she took part to The Apnea, filmed Theater Piece written and directed by Andrzej Bart. She also danced in the very well-known TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, wrote three books and obtained the award of the French presence in Poland, given by the French Parlement.

Today, Elisabeth lives in Paris and her life is linked primarily with the theater and cinema: she is currently working on the main role in “Ifigenia in Tauride”, written by J.W. von Goethe. Preview in Theater in PARIS in May 2016.